My 7 year old son loved this book. Looking forward to reading more from this author.
Such a cute and perfect book to help my child feel better about getting glasses.
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You'll read this book to your children and they will want you
to read it again.
The Boy with the Orange Glasses shows how important being comfortable translates into confidence. A lot of adults struggle with this, so I appreciate the author for highlighting this in the story so kids can build confidence better early on.
I love how the author used child-friendly words in The Boy with the Orange Glasses so children can feel safe when going to the doctor and having themselves checked. A visit to the doctor is often disliked by kids, especially if it is their first time, so this is one helpful book for parents.
What a wonderful sequel to The Boy with the Orange Glasses! I love how the story progressed, moving forward with a narrative on the moral compass. As a parent, this book is a valuable resource to teach kids the significance of always doing the right thing.
I highly recommend The Boy with the Orange Glasses: Saving Turtles! This second book from author Jerome Edward Oblon teaches kids to be good, responsible, and compassionate. With captivating illustrations, kids will surely love Hunter’s story and adventure!
As someone with a soft spot for turtles and advocates for their conservation, I really appreciate how author Jerome Edward Oblon dedicates his second book to turtles, teaching children the importance of protecting them and even donating to Save the Turtles. Good job, Jerry!
Today we read a book that a friends grandpa wrote! The kids enjoyed the book so much and had a blast interacting with the book! "Have you been to the dentist" "have you been to the eye doctor." Our friend was so excited to read the book and was so happy all his friends loved it!