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Jerome Edward Oblon’s New Book, ‘The Boy With the Orange Glasses’, is a Compelling Story of a Boy Who Found a Pair of Glasses That Made Him Confident

Recent release “The Boy with the Orange Glasses” from Covenant Books author Jerome Edward Oblon is an unputdownable children’s book that tells a story of a cheerful boy who got his first eye checkup.

Jerome Edward Oblon, a grandfather to four grandsons who writes about real situations that happen with his grandsons and family, has completed his new book, “The Boy with the Orange Glasses“: a captivating storybook that will take children to a wonderful experience on how does it feel to have a first-time visit in an optical clinic.

Jerome writes, “A young five-year-old boy needs glasses. This boy loves orange. He wears orange shirts, shorts, and shoes.

“The boy is having problems in school, reading and seeing what the teacher writes on the board. his mom takes him to the eye doctor to check his eyes. He is scared and apprehensive

“This book describes his experience at the doctor’s office using his words. He finds out that he needs glasses but doesn’t want to wear glasses because he will look different. In the end, he finds a pair of glasses that make him feel cool and wants to wear his glasses.”

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Oblon’s new book is an interesting tale of an orange-lover-boy who was once apprehensive in wearing eyeglasses but later on, felt confident as he found the one that makes him comfortable and poised.

The author of this storybook used child-friendly words of the doctor so children will be encouraged to have their eyes checked regularly.

Readers can purchase “The Boy with the Orange Glasses” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.